Crypto industry fears contagion as bitcoin slips under $20,000

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Crypto industry fears contagion as bitcoin slips under $20,000
 New Style calendar month twenty (Reuters) – The cryptocurrency business was uptight on weekday as bitcoin struggled to stay beyond a key level, with investors fearing that problems at major crypto players may unleash a wider market condition.

Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, was mercantilism slightly below the symbolic level of $20,000 in early London mercantilism hours – roughly the peak of its charge to its previous record in 2017.

Bitcoin had born on Saturday to as low as $17,592.78, falling below $20,000 for the first time since New Style calendar month 2020.It has lost nearly hour of its worth this year and thirty seventh this month alone among the cryptocurrency sector’s latest meltdown.

Its fall follows problems at several major trade players. any declines, market players said, might need a impact as completely different crypto investors unit forced to sell their holdings to satisfy margin calls and cover losses.

Crypto hedge fund three Arrows Capital is exploring selections additionally because the sale of assets and a bailout by another firm, its founders told the Wall Street Journal throughout a story disclosed weekday, constant day Asia-focused crypto capitalist Babel Finance said it would suspend withdrawals.

U.S. primarily based loaner stargazer Network this month aforementioned it might suspend client withdrawals. during a journal on weekday, stargazer aforementioned it might continue operating with regulators and officers, however that it might pause its client Q&A sessions. 
“There may be a heap of credit being withdrawn from the system and if lenders ought to absorb losses from stargazer and 3 Arrows, they’re going to cut back the scale of their future loan books which implies that the complete quantity of credit on the market within the crypto system is way reduced,” aforementioned Adam coin, chief risk workplace for Japan at crypto liquidity supplier B2C2.
“It feels really like 2008 to ME in terms of but there could also be a issue of bankruptcies and liquidations,” coin same.

Smaller tokens, that usually move in cycle with bitcoin, were collectively hurt. 
No.2 token ether was at $1,0752, having lordotic below its own symbolic level of $1,000 over the weekend.
The fall in crypto markets has coincided with a slide for equities, as U.S. stocks suffered their biggest weekly proportion decline in a pair of years on fears of rising interest rates and thus the growing likelihood of recession.
Bitcoin’s moves have tended to follow a homogenous pattern to various risk assets like college stocks.
The overall crypto capitalization is roughly $877 billion, per value data processor Coinmarketcap, down from a peak of $2.9 trillion in Nov 2021. 
A fall in stablecoins – a form of crypto designed to hold a delicate worth – is to boot suggesting investors square measure pull money from the theater as a full.

Crypto industry fears contagion as bitcoin slips under $20,000

Bitcoin so far in 2022

Is Bitcoin’s Run Over? Prices Slip Under $20,000

Bitcoin may be slipping under $20,000 after months of steady climbing, and it’s worrying some crypto industry insiders who fear that the whole sector could see price corrections as Bitcoin slips further away from its all-time high.

Is the bubble about to burst? Or will Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies be able to sustain their growth? To learn more about this breaking news,

read on to learn everything you need to know about what’s happening in the crypto world right now,

as well as how it could affect your investments going forward.


The cryptocurrency plunged to its lowest point in over a year on Wednesday morning, falling below the psychologically-important $20K mark. 

At the time of writing it was trading at just over $19K. While some of that can be attributed to an overnight dip in equity markets worldwide — particularly tech — the first few hours of January have proven fairly disastrous for bitcoin’s price.


The cryptocurrency has gained more than 1,300 percent in 2017 and hit a record high above $19,800 last week. 

However the falls of bitcoin accelerated yesterday after reports that South Korea would ban cryptocurrency trading sent prices tumbling.

The Chinese government has also announced plans to end trading on virtual currency exchanges by the end of September and created new rules that could require miners to register with their real names.

The Independent

Crypto industry fears contagion as bitcoin slips under $20,000 The crypto industry has seen relatively few casualties to date despite a major tumble in prices. 

This appears to be changing in a dramatic fashion as new data reveals BitConnect losing 90% of its value over recent days.

And it is not alone. According to tracker Coinmarketcap, most of bitcoin’s 10 largest peers have shed at least 20% since January 15 alone.


After reaching a new high of $19,783.21 on Sunday night (Dec. 17), the price of bitcoin has slipped below the psychologically key level of $20,000.

According to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), the cryptocurrency is trading at around $19,200 as of press time – more than 20 percent down from its weekend high. 

The price moves come just one week after bitcoin set a then-all-time record high of around $19,770 on Dec.

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