Blockchain Games are the Future of Gaming

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 Blockchain gaming is the future of gaming. It’s not just the future, it’s right now! You can play blockchain games on your computer and you can play them on your cell phone, too. 

With blockchain games, it’s all about coins and crypto-currencies that you earn from playing and spending money in-game. For more information on how this works, check out this video from Blockchain Game Summit 2018 . . .

Blockchain Games are the Future of Gaming

Why should we play blockchain games?

Blockchain games are decentralized, meaning that they’re not controlled by a single entity. This gives players more say and involvement in the game’s development and future updates. 

 Cryptocurrency will be used to make microtransactions easier and cheaper for players. 

These games don’t rely on a centralized server, which means that if it goes down for some reason, you won’t be able to play anymore. 

This also means that blockchain games have no downtime or restrictions imposed by a third party. 

A few examples of blockchain-based games currently available include CryptoKitties, Etherbots, Decentraland, World War Drones and Gods Unchained. 

What are your thoughts about this new gaming trend?

What is the top blockchain game?

The top blockchain game is CryptoKitties. The game was released in December 2017 and has since gone viral, with over $25 million dollars spent on its virtual cats in January 2018 alone. 

Cryptokitties is a game that allows players to collect and trade digital cats. The game is based on blockchain technology, which is a decentralized ledger that records all transactions across many computers around the world. 

A player starts out by creating their own cat using one or more genes that they purchase from other users. 

They can also add coats to their cats for increased value. Players then set a price for their cat before placing it on the market for others to buy. When someone purchases one of these unique kitties, the transaction is verified through smart contracts and recorded onto Ethereum’s blockchain.

Is blockchain used in gaming?

In blockchain games, gamers have full ownership and control over their items. In traditional games, players only get to use content that is created by someone else. 

If a game developer decides to take away content that you’ve purchased in a game, you have no way to stop them. But with blockchain technology, players can’t lose access to their items because they’re stored on the blockchain and only accessible through a private key. 

The tokens in these games are also resistant to fraud because when someone tries to transfer an item it checks if there’s enough balance in the account associated with the token before executing the transaction. 

This protects developers from people stealing money from their games by buying high-value items for low prices and transferring them outside of the game where they can be sold for real currency.

Are there free blockchain games?

There are plenty of blockchain games that offer a free trial, allowing you to play before making any commitments. CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity, for example, both offer demos that allow players to explore their game without having to spend money. 

How can I find blockchain games? Blockchain games can be found by searching in popular platforms like Google Play Store, App Store or Steam. You might also want to check sites like HypeRate or GameCoinz which rank the best upcoming crypto gaming projects in order of potential profitability.

Can you make money from blockchain games?

You can’t. You’ll have to buy them from someone else, but you can make money from blockchain games. The way that you’re earning money is by playing a game, and if you win, then you get a reward. 

They could be in-game items, or they could be some form of currency that you could use to purchase something within the game. If it’s an item, then it would have value just like any other type of in-game purchase; however, if it’s a currency then it would only have value within that particular game.

The 3 Main Categories of Blockchain Games

The first category is games that utilize blockchain as a means of ownership. This can be seen in a game like Cryptokitties, where the blockchain is used to govern ownership. 

The second category is games that benefit from the use of cryptocurrency or blockchain-driven economies. Many gamers and developers see this as an opportunity to create new types of gaming experiences, such as online worlds with decentralized governance models, or role-playing games built around economies controlled by players rather than by designers.

Finally, some games incorporate blockchain technology because it provides a perfect framework for digital scarcity.

The most promising areas for investment

Investing in blockchain games is not just a way to make money, it’s also a way to help shape our future as gamers. The use of cryptocurrencies and decentralized game economies have opened up previously unimaginable opportunities for game developers and players alike. 

For example, GameUnits (GAME) has created an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency which can be used to buy in-game items or to trade with other players. 

Other companies like Decentraland (MANA) and Enjin Coin (ENJ) are focused on creating virtual reality games where the assets in these worlds can only be traded using their corresponding tokens. In these cases, all transactions are publically recorded on a blockchain, making them impossible to tamper with after they’ve occurred.

What Makes Great Developers in the Crypto Game Space?

Innovative use cases for blockchain technology range from healthcare to supply chain, and financial institutions to government. 

The gaming industry is no different and has seen a recent surge in popularity with blockchain games becoming more and more popular. 

Blockchain-based games offer players a new way to interact with their games, because gameplay is no longer limited by centralized structures. 

The transparency enabled by blockchain technology can also be applied to game development, meaning developers have an additional way of rewarding players for participating in the game. 

This method provides more incentive than just earning digital coins or points while playing because it’s backed by something tangible like cryptocurrency or tokens that can be traded on exchanges.

Innovative Use Cases from Across Industries

People often see blockchain as an alternative to traditional banking, but it can also be used for more than just digital currencies. 

Blockchain also has a lot of potential in other industries like gaming. In fact, some developers have already created games that use blockchain technology to create decentralized economies and power open-source development.

One game called CryptoKitties uses Ethereum’s smart contracts and blockchain technology to create a game where players buy and trade virtual cats. The goal is to breed rare cats using the games unique genetics system and sell them for profit on the game’s marketplace. 

Ethereum-based companies have even started sending out live kittens as prizes during their hackathons!

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