9,000 Lady Apes NFTs To Go On Sale On STRMNFT, 8 More To Follow On OpenSea

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9,000 Lady Apes NFTs To Go On Sale On STRMNFT

9,000 Lady Apes NFTs To Go On Sale On STRMNFT, 8 More To Follow On OpenSea

A group of lady apes are currently raising money on Kickstarter to start their own Public Mint Of 9,000 Lady Apes Club NFTs On STRMNFT To Start To Follow On OpenSea (PMOLA9KLAC) that they can all be collectors of.
 They have already raised $5,000 so far with 20 days left to go before their campaign ends. The PMOLA9KLAC will officially be listed on the open marketplace as NFTs on the STRMNFT decentralized exchange after the campaign ends in 20 days or once it hits $15,000 in funding.

1) Overcoming Negative Stereotypes

Despite popular belief, lady apes are not aggressive or violent by nature. 
In fact, they are gentle and loving creatures that just want to be left alone to live their lives in peace. Unfortunately, they have been persecuted for centuries by humans who see them as nothing more than animals. 
But thanks to the work of dedicated conservationists, the public is finally starting to see them in a new light.
 Now you can help end the negative stereotypes with your purchase of Public Mint Of 9,000 Lady Apes Club NFTs On STRMNFT! 
That’s right, there will be 9,000 tokens made available on our platform this Friday at 11:00 AM UTC! The opening price will be set at 1 ETH per token and there is no limit on how many tokens you can buy! When you purchase these tokens from us here at STRMNFT, you will also get access to exclusive content like behind-the-scenes footage of our work around the world to protect lady apes. It’s time to give back what was taken from these beautiful creatures!

2) Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

While we may never know why bad things happen to good people, we can take solace in the fact that they’re not alone.

 In a world full of suffering, it’s important to remember that everyone goes through tough times. While it might not make the pain any less, knowing that others are going through similar experiences can help us feel less alone. One way you can help is by reaching out and offering someone a little bit of your time to listen. Whether they want to talk about their problems or just need someone to listen as they vent, showing someone love and compassion is always worth it. So even if you don’t have much time to give up, be sure to check out our selection of 9,000 Lady Apes on sale now on Strmnft!

3) Creating A Better Future For Children

The mission of the Lady Apes Club is to provide a better future for children by investing in their education and health. 

We are excited to offer our first batch of 9,000 NFTs on STRMNFT. 

This is just the beginning, as we plan to mint and sell 8 more batches of NFTs on OpenSea in the coming months. 

All proceeds will go towards our cause. Help us create a better future for children today by purchasing a Lady Ape NFT! 

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments below. 

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for updates on when the next round of sales begin.

4) The Travesty of Political Apathy

It is a travesty that in a world where we have the technology to connect with each other and share information instantaneously, so many people are politically apathetic. 

It is an even greater travesty that those who are politically apathetic often don’t vote, and as a result, their voices are not heard. 

If we want to see change in the world, we need to start by engaging with the political process. 

We need to educate ourselves on the issues and vote for the candidates who represent our interests. 

Only then will our voices be heard. One of the best ways to make sure your voice is heard during election season is to get involved with some of these organizations. 

For example, you can volunteer at VoteRiders’s table at your local grocery store or school event to register voters (link) and ensure they turn out for elections! 

They can also provide free rides if necessary to make it easier for someone to get registered or cast their ballot.

 You can also find out how your own state’s voting rules work so you know what you’re up against before election day. 

The Coalition of America’s Families offers a Voting Rights Roadmap (link) which outlines voter ID requirements, poll opening hours, polling locations, registration deadlines and more in all 50 states!

5) The Importance of Role Models in Our Lives

We all need someone to look up to and aspire to be like. 
A role model can be anyone we admire and respect for their qualities and achievements. For young girls, a role model is especially important. 
She can help a girl develop a positive self-image and set high standards for herself. 
Girls who have strong role models are more likely to avoid risky behaviors, such as drug use, and instead focus on their education and future goals. 
They also tend to be less susceptible to social pressures from the media or peers. Furthermore, they feel empowered and encouraged to take risks.
 The goal of our Lady Apes Club is to provide this sense of empowerment and encouragement for girls by promoting diverse women in science and tech fields as inspirational role models. 
A large part of this effort will come through our OpenSea offerings: 4 new Ladies plus an additional 4 new Ladies each month!

6) The Need for Feminism on Curaçao

There is a big problem with how women are viewed and treated on the island of Curaçao.

 This needs to change, and feminism is the answer. Feminism is about equality for all people, regardless of gender.

 It is about giving everyone the same opportunities and rights. And it is about respect. 

The people of Curaçao need to learn about feminism and what it can do for the island. 

Only then will things start to change for the better. 

This Saturday evening there will be an introduction event at Public Mint Of 9,000 Lady Apes Club in Willemstad at 18:00 pm where prominent feminist activist Paula Malleza of Curaçao participates. Malleza was interviewed by Ruud Krol (a Dutch reporter) in February this year as part of a television series that aired on public broadcasting channel NTR (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep). In her interview she told him:

 We should not just stand around and wait until our children get beaten up or raped. The event at Public Mint Of 9,000 Lady Apes Club is free to attend and starts at 18:00 pm; entrance fee is $5 including one drink ticket.

7) Myths about Mental Illness

Mental illness is often seen as a sign of weakness.
 This couldn’t be further from the truth. Mental illness is often caused by chemical imbalances in the brain that are out of the person’s control. 
Mental illness is also not contagious. You can’t catch mental illness from someone else.
 In many cases, people with mental illnesses just need some support and understanding to help them manage their condition. 
We must remember that our loved ones may not have any control over what they’re feeling or experiencing – and it doesn’t make them less than human.
 If you’re feeling scared about your loved one having a mental illness, reach out to them for support! They’ll appreciate your love and understanding more than you know! 
This week on Lady Ape Appreciation Week, we are so excited to announce our partnership with Public Mint Of 9,000 Lady Apes Club who will start selling NFTs on STRMNFT! Eight more will follow on OpenSea this week. 
As always, all proceeds go towards improving access to treatment for those living with mental illness through social enterprise projects like Summerview Sanctuary and Horizons San Diego Center which work collaboratively to build supportive communities across the country. 
It’s up to us all how we treat those who live with mental illnesses. 
One of the most important things we can do is understand them and provide support when they need it most 
especially during times when they might feel less than human because of their illness.

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